Capsule enhances online CRM platform with Microsoft 365 integration

  • Capsule, the online CRM, launches Microsoft 365 integration
  • The new integration includes Microsoft Outlook add-in, Calendar integration, and Single Sign-On
  • Hospitality client, Caviar & Chips, describes how Capsule integrations helped lockdown survival

Capsule, the online CRM, has today launched an integration with Microsoft 365 (M365), enhancing its platform with a new Microsoft Outlook add-in, Calendar integration, and Single Sign-On for Capsule and M365.

For the first time, Capsule customers using Microsoft business applications can connect their CRM to their Outlook inbox, enabling the ability to add contacts, view and manage sales opportunities, and build a complete record of interaction all stored in one place.

Using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration, Capsule customers can easily view and manage calendar events from within the CRM, without duplicating across platforms, and view all consolidated events associated with each customer to better manage new and existing relationships.

Single Sign-On for Capsule and M365 enables secure access to both platforms, with one login, for a seamless user experience.

Duncan Stockdill, Founder & CEO at Capsule, said: “I’m proud to be launching this integration with Microsoft 365, which significantly enhances our user experience and helps our customers better manage relationships with theirs –and there has never been a more important time to get this right. We are now fully integrated with core business applications from the two leading technology vendors, opening up new and exciting opportunities for Capsule.

“We created Capsule to address a gap in the market for a smart online CRM that is simple, powerful, and easy to adopt, and we think these features are increasingly attractive to larger businesses. Integrations such as the one with Microsoft 365 create a better user experience, help our customers grow, and help us expand our own portfolio of clients.”

Capsule client, Caviar & Chips, describes how Capsule integrations helped lockdown survival

Caviar & Chips is an award-winning, bespoke catering company, catering for weddings and events all over the UK.

Marc Hornby, Co-Founder or Caviar & Chips, said:We’ve been a Capsule client for a few years having grown from a handful of weddings each year at the beginning to a point where we needed a professional CRM to properly manage the volume of business we had in a personal and meaningful way. Last year we should have catered 120 weddings but, due to the pandemic, we only did three. We also opened a 16th Century pub in Kenilworth last March, so COVID-19 has been particularly disruptive for our business and others in the hospitality industry.

“As a bespoke catering business, we’re an important part of the biggest day of our clients’ lives, so it’s important we’re able to make them feel valued and like they are the only client in the world. Capsule helps us create and nurture relationships that are personal by getting to know them and their wedding plans intimately and building client profiles in the CRM. Integrations with business applications help us to track catering preferences, menus, logistics, and email communication, so all the information for each of our clients is available in one place, with reminders and prompt to aid operational delivery and administrative processes.

“If we weren’t using a CRM like Capsule at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, communication would have broken down and we simply wouldn’t have been able to cope with the demands of a pandemic. We used Capsule to export the data for upcoming weddings and used that to be proactive with our communication, respond quickly to clients, and ensure we stayed on top of information that, in many cases, changed several times in the space of a few months.

“We are a client-led, values driven business, and Capsule helped us to deliver on those values even during an unprecedented global event. In turn, 99% of the bookings we had last year we still have.”

Marc and his business partner, Jonathan Carter-Morris, launched a new exclusive wedding venue called Stockton House on a private estate at the end of 2020 which they are now renovating and officially opening in April 2022. They are already using Capsule as its CRM as they look to accelerate growth post-pandemic.

Marc added: “Much of our growth comes through the venues we work with, so we also use Capsule for managing the relationships with all of our venues. We agreed our first residency at Walcot Hall last year and we’re the preferred supplier for another 23 venues around the UK – and that’s because we’re using Capsule to manage them like we would a customer. That’s how we see our business growing. We’re now renovating and refurbishing our own luxury wedding venue in Stockton House and building a 100-seater secret walled garden dining room, and it will open for first weddings in April 2022.”

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Duncan Stockdill, Co-Founder & CEO, Capsule